CSA / VZ 58 Hand Guard


  • Ensure that your firearm is unloaded and safe. 
  • Remove original upper and lower handguard.
  • Take the new BCT handguBarrel Shroudard lower and align it. Apply downward pressure (may have to use rubber mallet) and insert pin provided to secure it. 
  • On the original upper, make sure the handguard upper locking pin is slid halfway.
  • Use a tac or any sharp device to hold the spring pin and detent in place, which is located on the side of the upper. Then, pull upper locking pin out. 
  • First reinstall spring, then reinstall detent into your BCT handguard upper.
  • Use 3/32 roll pin punch to push down onto detent, then use tac to hold the detent in place. Once in place, insert original handguard upper pin. 
  • Ensure the upper is properly aligned before applying downward pressure. Re-insert the push pin.

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